Safer Nightlife Landscape

Good Samaritan Overdose Act

If you see an overdose in action, call 9-1-1. The Act exempts anyone who calls emergency help from police charges of simple possession of illegal drugs, as well as pre-trial release, probation orders, conditional sentencing, or parole violations related to simple possession. This exemption applies to yourself or anyone you are calling 9-1-1 for. It applies to anyone else at the scene when emergency help arrives. Click here to read the Act.

Most Party Drugs are illegal in Canada

There is no 100% safe way to use party drugs, including alcohol. We can however do lots of things to make sure that we ourselves, and our friends, have a good time partying safer.

Take Personal responsibility

It’s up to you what substances you use and how you use them.

Make informed decisions

Know your dealer. Know your source. Know yourself. Research accurate information on the drugs you take, and evaluate associated risks. Check with evidence-based, rather than value-based sources. Ask experienced substance users for safer strategies.

Drug and Substance Info

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