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Drug Class


Common Terms

Meph, drone, meow-meow / miaow miaow, MCat, Drone, Bubbles, M-Smack, plant-feed & bath salts (Mephedrone has been sold legally as “plant food” and “bath salts”)

Consumption and Standard Dose
  • Mephedrone is a cathinone. It is a popular club drug in the UK, but less so in Canada
  • White or off-white crystalline powder
  • When crushed up, it can be snorted, injected or booty-bumped
  • It can be swallowed in pill form, or tiny balls of paper called “bombs”
  • Often taken to counteract drowsy effects of GHB
  • Can be mistaken as MDMA: It may be taken, unknowingly, as MDMA. Test your MDMA to know what’s in it. You can order testing kits through TRIP or

The Buzz
  • Like “speedy E” and can be described as a mix between cocaine and MDMA
  • It is shorter acting and less potent than MDMA. Effects last for about an hour.
  • Increased energy, alertness, euphoria, and horniness
  • Increased confidence, chattiness and feelings of affection for others

Overdose and other negative effects
  • Highly addictive: the quick-lasting high leads to increased frequency and quantity of dosing. Addiction is more strongly associated with snorting, due to the near-instant high. Oral consumption is the safest way to use.
  • Fiending: it is easy to use up your entire supply in 1 session. It’s hard to stop using in any given session. Buy in only small quantities and limit the amount you use in 1 night
  • Panic attacks, paranoia and hallucinations in heavy use
  • Hard Crash: depression, difficulties concentrating, anxiety and insomnia can last 3-4 days after you come down
  • Nasal douche with warm water to flush out powder residue
  • Dehydration and Starvation: Like other stimulants, Mephedrone reduces appetite and uses up your body’s water, and can cause you to be “Hangry,” aggressive and angry driven by hunger. Drink lots of water, Gatorade® and Ensure® to keep caloric intake and hydration levels up. This reduces crash intensity.
  • Teeth-grinding, excessive eye movement, twitchiness, headache,, nausea and vomiting. Magnesium supplements can help reduce clenching and grinding.
  • Overheating and Heart Palpitations:  Stay cool.
  • Can be mistaken as Ecstasy, leading to dosing as MDMA, taking more mephedrone than is safe, inducing the negative effects described above.

Dangerous Drug Combinations
  • If mixed with Ecstasy or amphetamines can cause fatal overheating
  • Not much empirical research is available about drug combinations, but anecdotal evidence suggests that mixing Mephedrone and Erectile Drugs, which is common, is relatively safe if you keep dosage of both very small

Sex & Mephedrone
  • Increases sex drive, sexual intensity and urgency
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Can induce same-sex fantasies in heterosexuals
  • Propositioning of strangers for sex
  • Prolonged marathon drug-sex sessions with multiple, casual partners
  • Like meth, it can lead to fueling sexual situations with partners you are not attracted to
  • Can make it hard to get and maintain an erection, like other stimulants
  • Can make it hard to remember or want to practice safer-sex

Mephedrone & HIV Medication
  • Unlike most party drugs Mephedrone was not originally developed as a medicine, and there is very little known about medical interactions
  • Talk to your Health Care Provider about any potential HIV med interactions with mephedrone
  • All amphetamines may reduce immune functioning due to stress on the body’s systems, and forgetfulness in taking HIV medications at recommended times. Be sure to set memory prompts to help you remember to take your HIV meds if using mephedrone